About item statistics on backpack.tf

Stats are gathered by parsing inventories as they are loaded on-site. We log every new item we see to Elasticsearch, and this information is used to populate data for item histories, the Premium search system, and of course detailed statistics for each item.

There are, however, some caveats to doing this:

  • We are unable to process private inventories. Items inside these inventories will not be considered to exist until the inventory is made public or the item moves to a public inventory.
  • As of October 2014, inventory privacy has been set to Friends Only by default. Because of this, older TF2 statistics are relatively more complete, and many unpopular items found in the inventories of non-traders will be underreported.
  • We will always lag behind by a few minutes. Displaying up-to-date statistics on items is an expensive process, so extensive use of caching is done to make sure we don't hit the item index too hard.
  • Some statistics such as owner count are a little fuzzy for performance reasons.

In other words, don't expect perfect statistics, for that is virtually impossible for anyone outside of Valve to attain.

More technical things

As of right now:

  • Item storage is currently using 632.86gb of disk space across 2 server(s). We have about 75.99gb left to fill.
  • Elasticsearch is currently using 13.02gb in heap memory out of an allowed 19.87gb. If it gets too close to this limit, things might start falling over.
  • 6 inventories require indexing. 99.9999% of all inventories are indexed.