$0.11 M
Unknown Quality P250 | Iron Clad (Battle-Scarred)
P250 | Iron Clad (Battle-Scarred)

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  • $0.14 C
    Unknown Quality P250 | Mint Kimono (Battle-Scarred) 11103053049
    P250 | Mint Kimono (Battle-Scarred)
    Bumped Listed by Dessec
  • $0.03 C
    Unknown Quality Nova | Predator (Battle-Scarred) 15379287165
    Nova | Predator (Battle-Scarred)
    Bumped Listed by Maigonis Augonis

    pls give tf2 ref and scrap

  • $2.66 C
    Unknown Quality SG 553 | Cyrex (Battle-Scarred) 15510509054
    SG 553 | Cyrex (Battle-Scarred)
    Bumped Listed by ToasterGuy

    Hi there! Selling this SG 553 | Cyrex (Battle-Scarred) for 1.51 Keys from TF2 or CSGO, I will accept the trade as soon as possible. Thank you and have fun!

  • $8.00 M
    Unknown Quality PP-Bizon | Photic Zone (Battle-Scarred) 7171102414
    PP-Bizon | Photic Zone (Battle-Scarred)
    Bumped Listed by Land of the Waves
  • n/a C
    Unknown Quality M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Battle-Scarred) 13032120320
    M4A1-S | Hyper Beast (Battle-Scarred)
    Bumped Listed by بندقية كلاشنكوف

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