$12.01 M
Unknown Quality MP9 | Hot Rod (Factory New)
MP9 | Hot Rod (Factory New)

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Sell Orders

  • $0.59 C
    Unknown Quality G3SG1 | Orange Kimono (Factory New) 16214617943
    G3SG1 | Orange Kimono (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by BEP

    CSGO/TF2/Dota2 items and currencies accepted. If you offer pure ~market price or lower. If items, overpay higher than market price.

  • n/a C
    Unknown Quality AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New) 16299536564
    AWP | Lightning Strike (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by 🏯Ancient Trade Shop🏯

    0.01 Float w/Faze Boston Holo On Scope. 40 CSGO Keys Or 44 TF2 Keys. CS/TF2 Item Offers Require Overpay. Send A Offer[⇄] Or Add Me To Discuss~

  • $790.00 C
    Unknown Quality ★ Bowie Knife | Doppler (Factory New) 15241685150
    ★ Bowie Knife | Doppler (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by wilsonmate

    💎sapphire 💎 310 csgo keys or more in items; no hydras or vanillas

  • $240.00 C
    Unknown Quality ★ Bowie Knife | Slaughter (Factory New) 15559698512
    ★ Bowie Knife | Slaughter (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by Hoffo Hoffo
  • n/a M
    Unknown Quality CZ75-Auto | Emerald (Factory New) 15992634030
    CZ75-Auto | Emerald (Factory New)
    Bumped Listed by Soju

    offer 3 TF2 keys or TF2 items. everything else will be countered with hard lowballs.

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