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Attempted item swap scam

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Please give a detailed description of what happened and provide screenshot evidence to back up your claims (screenshots of chat, trade history, paypal, etc.). All screenshots should be completely unedited. We are unable to investigate proofless reports.

    A guide on reporting can be found here -

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    smolsmolduck commented · smolsmolduck edited

    Didn't manage to screenshot at that moment but they lingered around trade server back then

    Basically, the scammer offered a craftable flip flop (15.9 keys) to make it a legit fair trade. It didn't take long to make a deal and he suspiciously removed the craftable flip-flop to replace it with a unusual taunt to ask whether am I interested in that instead. I declined and he swapped back to a uncraftable flip-flop (3.35 keys)

    The same exact method on this issue as well but without the unusual taunt

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    Marty Birdman commented

    Where did this interaction take place? In the trade window?

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    smolsmolduck commented

    Yep, in the trade window. He was in one of the unusual trade server. I am not sure whether is he still wandering in trade server or not but I am sure he will be

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    Unfortunately, without screenshots of what happened we are unable to move forward with your report. Thank you for reporting regardless.

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